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Your CV is the most important document in your portfolio and it should represent you , your qualifications and your professional experience in a comprehensive , factual and honest manner that tells an employer that you are the perfect match for a position. The reader wants to be able to determine if you have the required skills and experience to match the position on offer , so your should not include a long summary of your job description but instead outline your actual role and responsibilities.

The Consultants at Clinical Nursing Solutions can provide an additional service to applicants in CV preparation and review, identifying areas for improvement and providing a professional assessment prior to your interview. Remember, your CV is not an essay on your life history and nor is it meant to be an artistic illustration - keep it simple, clearly structured and factual.


Personal details should be limited to the following:

  • Name
  • Contact Details – should include full mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address

You are not required to nominate your gender, age, religion, marital status or any other family details.


Please include all tertiary academic achievements, post graduate courses undertaken and completed and any further training currently in progress. primary and Secondary education details are not relevant and thus, not required.

Include the dates for each course and qualification obtained.
Start with the most recent first.


Please include all current professional registrations - give the name of registering authority, license number and expiry date.


Information to be included for each and every position held – please ensure that there are no chronological gaps in
your CV. Likewise, please start with the most recent first. The following information has to be included:-

  • Duration of position- Date from – Date to ( eg Sept 25th 2001 - Aug 10, 2005 )
  • Full name and address of the hospital/ clinic/ college. Do not use abbreviations.
  • Position title - eg Registered Staff Nurse – Intensive Care Unit
  • Brief description of hospital, i.e. Number of beds? Public or private? Teaching hospital? General Hospital?What Tertiary Services? Acute? Trauma Centre?
  • Description of Unit/Ward/Department – bed numbers, case mix, types of patients cared for, Patient/nurse ordoctor ratio, work volume etc.
  • Your duties/responsibilities –at least 10 – 15 points: To whom do you report ? Are you full or part-time?Competencies gained? Special equipment used?
  • Describe any managerial experience you have – how many employees did you supervise? On what shifts,and how many hours per week? Are you involved with Quality Assurance activities/ staff mentorship ?
  • If you are a Midwife – number of deliveries – personally and in the entire hospital per month, what type ofdeliveries? If you are a rotating midwife, to what areas, how often?
  • If you are an OR nurse – how many theatres in the hospital? Do you scrub, circulate, recover, anaesthetics? What lists do you do?
  • DO NOT include columns or tables in your CV - limit to bullet point.


List all of the in-service education / professional development training you have completed in the past 3 years.
Give dates, name of course, name of provider or institution.


  • At least 3 references required.
  • Your referees must be at supervisory level e.g. managers, supervisors, educators, clinical facilitators.
  • Supply full name, job titles, hospital address, telephone and e-mail contact details.